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テスラ・ロードスター 2.5 (2011) [テスラ/ロードスター 2.5 (2011)]


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テスラ・ロードスター 2.5 (2010)(Tesla Roadster 2.5), Roadster_2.5_2011.jpg

テスラ・ロードスター 2.5(Tesla Roadster 2.5)

Tesla Motors unveiled its next-generation sports car, the Tesla Roadster 2.5, to the public this weekend at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Tesla Roadster 2.5 features improvements in design and technology, including a new front fascia, rear diffuser, improved seat comfort, sound dampening and an optional large touch screen navigation system with back-up camera. Improved interior sound reduction techniques, including new front fender liner material, make the cabin even quieter.

The Festival of Speed is the world's largest motoring garden party - a unique weekend that brings together a heady mix of cars, stars and motor sport 'royalty' to create the largest car culture festival worldwide. Held in the immaculate grounds of Goodwood House, this annual hill-climb extravaganza celebrates all things automotive.

'Goodwood is one of the most beloved motoring events in the world and a highlight of the English summer - so it's only appropriate that this iconic celebration will be the public launch of the latest Roadster,' said Cristiano Carlutti, Tesla's Vice President of European Operations.

EXCAR > Car > テスラ > ロードスター 2.5 (2011)

EXCAR > Car > テスラ > ロードスター 2.5 (2011)

EXCAR - テスラ・ロードスター 2.5 (2011) [テスラ/ロードスター 2.5 (2011)]

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