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レクサス・LF-Ch Concept (2009) [レクサス/コンセプトカー/LF-Ch Concept (2009)]

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レクサス・LF-Ch Concept (2009) (Lexus LF-Ch Concept), LF_Ch_Concept_2009.jpg

レクサス・LF-Ch Concept(Lexus LF-Ch Concept)

Making its world debut at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show, the Lexus LF-Ch Concept is Lexus's first approach to the competitive European premium compact segment. It reflects the growing demand for cars that are smaller and more fuel and CO2 efficient, but with no compromise in levels of refinement and driving pleasure. By next year the compact segment is expected to claim the largest share of the European premium car market. The Lexus LF-Ch Concept reaffirms Lexus's commitment to Europe, combining compact dimensions, stylish five-door, full hybrid technology and low emissions to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements and to appeal to a new, younger generation of customers.

Exterior design

The Lexus LF-Ch Concept presents a powerful evolution of Lexus's L-finesse design philosophy. Rooted in Japanese culture, L-finesse is expressed in every aspect of the car, not only in the visual harmony between the interior and exterior design, but also in the combination of leading-edge engineering and technology with a user-friendly simplicity of function.

The designers focused on the careful juxtaposition of opposing major and minor elements. Intriguing contrasts are created between the powerful, machine-like overall surfacing of the bodywork and the painstaking detail of even the smallest elements, creating a synergy between technologically driven design and a fluid, hand-sculpted quality.

A new, bolder Lexus grille design sits above a deep, full-width bumper and air dam, giving a perfect balance of precision and power. The sharply sculpted, aerodynamic front wings overlap the front bumper to create deep, front brake-cooling air intakes and give the Lexus LF-Ch a powerful and purposeful wide-track stance.

EXCAR > Car > レクサス > コンセプトカー > LF-Ch Concept (2009)

EXCAR > Car > レクサス > コンセプトカー > LF-Ch Concept (2009)

EXCAR - レクサス・LF-Ch Concept (2009) [レクサス/コンセプトカー/LF-Ch Concept (2009)]

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