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レクサス・LF-LC Blue Concept (2012) [レクサス/コンセプトカー/LF-LC Blue Concept (2012)]

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レクサス・LF-LC Blue Concept (2012) (Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept), LF_LC_Blue_Concept_2012.jpg

レクサス・LF-LC Blue Concept(Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept)

Lexus has revealed the stunning Lexus LF-LC Blue concept at the 2012 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney.

Clad in unique Opal Blue, it is the second version of the LF-LC, first debuted at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The all-new Opal Blue exterior is inspired by the lustrous base colour found in the naturally occurring semi-precious opal stone of outback Australia. Beneath the blue skin LF-LC combines advanced technologies and materials with organic design, giving an insight into what the future of sports cars may hold. Central to the concept is a suite of advanced materials and technologies, including lightweight carbon fibre and the next generation of Lexus' industry-leading hybrid powertrain.

New to LF-LC and derived from project LFA, LF-LC leverages Lexus' extensive in-house experience in marrying carbon fibre and aluminium alloy materials to achieve a light body mass.

The result is an extremely taut body that responds quickly and crisply to driver inputs - providing the perfect platform for the next-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive system. Dubbed Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, the system features a powerful and efficient Atkinson cycle combustion engine which is mated to an advanced high-energy battery pack. The high-energy battery pack is designed to deliver greater power from a smaller battery than those currently used in Lexus' range of hybrid vehicles.

EXCAR > Car > レクサス > コンセプトカー > LF-LC Blue Concept (2012)

EXCAR > Car > レクサス > コンセプトカー > LF-LC Blue Concept (2012)

EXCAR - レクサス・LF-LC Blue Concept (2012) [レクサス/コンセプトカー/LF-LC Blue Concept (2012)]

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