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レクサス・LF-Xh Concept (2007) [レクサス/コンセプトカー/LF-Xh Concept (2007)]

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レクサス・LF-Xh Concept (2007) (Lexus LF-Xh Concept), LF_Xh_Concept_2007.jpg

レクサス・LF-Xh Concept(Lexus LF-Xh Concept)

Already admired by design enthusiasts at the Museo della Permanente art gallery at the 2008 Milan Design Week, and now on show at 2008 Paris Motor Show, the Lexus LF-Xh cossover concept highlights the potential for the application of Lexus's unique L-finesse design philosophy in numerous artistic and creative spheres that extend far beyond car design.

Since 2005, Lexus has taken a major step towards a deeper involvement with the artistic community by staging an annual exhibition of contemporary art at the Milan Design Week, collaborating with leading independent Japanese artists and designers to explore various alternative ways of expressing L-finesse. This year's installation, "elastic diamond", was developed in collaboration with the award-winning design company, nendo, led by Oki Sato.

"When we created L-finesse, we conceived a design philosophy that was not merely skin-deep, but which genuinely reflected the true scope and complexity of Japanese culture and values." considers Design Centre Managing Officer, Wahei Hirai. "To that end, rather than merely developing the L-finesse rationale internally through automotive design discussions alone, we have continually collaborated with, and derived mutual inspiration from, artists from a broad range of creative fields, thus forging the principals of a new Lexus design of unprecedented depth, continuity and longevity."

Through the creative process, nendo and Lexus discovered a conceptual affinity between Lexus cars, which combine advanced technology with ingenious skills, and the diamond structure that exhibits beauty through the application of high technology to turn a rough diamond into a perfect stone.

EXCAR > Car > レクサス > コンセプトカー > LF-Xh Concept (2007)

EXCAR > Car > レクサス > コンセプトカー > LF-Xh Concept (2007)

EXCAR - レクサス・LF-Xh Concept (2007) [レクサス/コンセプトカー/LF-Xh Concept (2007)]

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