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MG XPower SV Concept (2002) [MG/XPower SV Concept (2002)]


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MG XPower SV Concept

The MG XPower SV (Sport Veloce) is a sports car made in Modena, Italy in a factory owned by Vaccari & Bosi and leased by MG Rover, based on the platform of the Qvale Mangusta (formerly De Tomaso Bigua).

After acquiring Qvale Automotive Srl of Italy, MG Rover set up MG X80 Ltd. to produce the new car. One attraction was the potential of US sales, as the Mangusta had already been homologated for the American market.

It was originally revealed as a show car, the MG X80, but it was considered too sedate. When the production model was shown, designer Peter Stevens had made the car very aggressive styling-wise.

The base MG XPower SV was powered by a 320 bhp 4·6 L Ford V8 but was expensive due to the complex carbon fibre body. Club Sport options, for customers who wish to use their SVs on the track, were planned but never made it into production. They included a 5·0 L 1,000 bhp version, thanks to factory-approved nitrous oxide injection kits, though the basic version had 410 hp with speed limited to 195 mph (314 km/h).

The 2004 MG SV-R featured a more highly tuned 5.0 L 32-valve V8 with 385 bhp and is believed to have a top speed of around 175 mph.

EXCAR > Car > MG > XPower SV Concept (2002)

EXCAR > Car > MG > XPower SV Concept (2002)

EXCAR - MG XPower SV Concept (2002) [MG/XPower SV Concept (2002)]

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