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TVR Grantura MkII (グランチュラ マークII) (1962) [TVR/Grantura MkII (グランチュラ マークII) (1962)]


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TVR・グランチュラ マークII (1962)(TVR Grantura MarkII), Grantura_Mark_II_1962.jpg

TVR・グランチュラ マークII(TVR Grantura MarkII)

The TVR Grantura MkII had MGA engines as standard but again customers could choose from a variety of power units. The IIA used the 1,622 cc MGA or Ford 1,340 cc engine and front disc brakes were standard. Rack and pinion steering was standardised.

A car with a 1600 cc MGA engine was tested by the British magazine The Motor in 1961. It had a top speed of 98.4 mph (158.4 km/h) and could accelerate from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in twelve seconds. Fuel consumption of 32.8 miles per imperial gallon (8.61 L/100 km; 27.3 mpg-US) was recorded. The test car cost £1,298 including taxes.

Rear end of 1962 Series IIAApproximately 400 of the series II Grantura were built.

EXCAR > Car > TVR > Grantura MkII (グランチュラ マークII) (1962)

EXCAR > Car > TVR > Grantura MkII (グランチュラ マークII) (1962)

EXCAR - TVR Grantura MkII (グランチュラ マークII) (1962) [TVR/Grantura MkII (グランチュラ マークII) (1962)]

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