Porsche ポルシェ 保时捷

Porsche ポルシェ 保时捷
  • Porsche 356 ポルシェ・356
  • Porsche 550 ポルシェ・550
  • Porsche 904 ポルシェ・904
  • Porsche 911 ポルシェ・911
  • Porsche 912 ポルシェ・912
  • Porsche 914 ポルシェ・914
  • Porsche 918 ポルシェ・918
  • Porsche 919 ポルシェ・919
  • Porsche 924 ポルシェ・924
  • Porsche 928 ポルシェ・928
  • Porsche 934 ポルシェ・934
  • Porsche 935 ポルシェ・935
  • Porsche 944 ポルシェ・944
  • Porsche 954 ポルシェ・954
  • Porsche 959 ポルシェ・959
  • Porsche 961 ポルシェ・961
  • Porsche 968 ポルシェ・968
  • Porsche Boxster ポルシェ・ボクスター
  • Porsche Carrera GT ポルシェ・カレラ GT
  • Porsche Cayenne ポルシェ・カイエン
  • Porsche Cayman ポルシェ・ケイマン
  • Porsche Macan ポルシェ・マカン
  • Porsche Panamera ポルシェ・パナメーラ

The Porsche is one of the most exotic sports cars in the world. A sports car is a car that is very fast and has a sporty or race car look to it. It is designed for the fun of driving. Sports cars most often have only two seats. The Porsche company began in Gmünd, Austria, and has been building cars since 1949. The very first Porsche was built from Volkswagen parts. Some Porsche models include the Boxster, the 911, the 914, and the Spyder. The Porsche emblem looks similar to the Ferrari logo. In the center is a black horse on a yellow shield. This is the coat of arms for Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart was the location of one of the Porsche factories. The background of the emblem has six stag’s horns.